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Our Services

Penflex Inc. provides the actuarial and administrative services that are essential for an organization's Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP). From the initial establishment to the annual review and maintenance, Penflex professionals assure that the program administration will be in accordance with generally accepted standards and procedures applicable to LOSAP administration.

Our primary goal is to build LOSAP programs that can be used as an excellent tool in recruiting, retaining and rewarding volunteer firefighter and EMS workers.

Penflex services include:

  • An education in length of service award programs
  • Assistance in establishment and ongoing administration of your program
  • Referrals to qualified investment specialists
  • Help in maintenance of all required records
  • Assistance with payment of service awards
  • A reconciliation of program investment statements
  • Independent monitoring of investment performance
  • Annual plan reports & individual participant statements


Serving over 450 volunteer emergency service organizations nationally, Penflex has been one of the nation's foremost experts in LOSAPs for the last 21 years. Our company assures independent service by charging a flat fee, and not reaping any benefits from your investments. At Penflex, each and every member of our staff is committed to providing complete and comprehensive services in a courteous, friendly and professional manner.

To read about more about the steps involved in creating a successful LOSAP click here!

To contact Penflex with questions about LOSAP programs click here. You can also call Penflex with LOSAP questions at: 1.800.742.1409.

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