Alert: Maximum Contribution to a DC LOSAP Increased to $1,200

On Friday evening (November 8), Governor Cuomo signed into law the bill amending Articles 11-A and 11-AA of the NYS General Municipal law increasing the maximimum annual contribution limit to Defined Contribution (DC) programs for both volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers from $700 per year to $1,200 per year. That means, for years beginning after 2019, the Defined Contribution Service Award Program account of a volunteer who earns a year of service credit under the point system may be credited with as much as $1,200.

This change is not a mandatory change.  Those fire districts, towns, villages and cities in NYS who sponsor Defined Contribution programs for their volunteers now have the option to increase the annual contribution they are now making to as much as $1,200.  To make the change (i.e. to increase the current contribution level), local voter approval must be obtained at an election.

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