Craig graduated from the University of Albany in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science. During his time as a student, Craig tutored several college-level courses and received the distinction of being inducted into the Mathematics Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa.

Craig joined the Penflex staff in 2008 as an actuarial and Service Award Program trainee. He initially calculated benefits payable to Service Award Program participants and performed trust accounting for Service Award program funds. He soon became involved in all aspects of performing actuarial valuations of Defined Benefit Service Award Programs including calculating annual program funding costs, preparing annual Service Award Program reports and preparing individual participant statements.

By December, 2016, Craig had passed all the examinations and courses required to become an Associate of the American Society of Actuaries. On January 1, 2017, Craig Relyea, an Associate of the American Society of Actuaries, was added to the professional actuarial staff at Penflex.

As a Service Award Specialist, Craig enjoys working with the men and women who comprise the volunteer firefighter/EMS personnel nationwide. Craig states, “It is an absolute pleasure to work with those who provide such an invaluable service in the community while simultaneously gaining knowledge from the experienced actuaries at our firm. It can be difficult to uncover an opportunity in today’s job market that combines both a sense of good deed and a company with the level of success like here at Penflex. I look forward to providing a helpful and honest service for our volunteer organizations.”

Outside of work, Craig has a tremendous passion for music and plays a variety of instruments. Craig also enjoys cooking and going out for an occasional round of golf. Ed Holohan, President and Actuary of Penflex, adds, “We’re lucky to have Craig. He’s a talented, very bright guy that loves his work. We have a recent graduate that understands what it means to have an ethical business model wrapped around a true belief that we must, at all costs, do right by our clients and deliver what we promise. He’s a rare find and will go as far as he wants to in this business.”

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