NYS LOSAP Audit Requirements 

Important facts you need to know about New York State LOSAP audit requirements can be found here.

Action Alert:

As all of you know Ed Holohan, Penflex, the National Volunteer Fire Council and others have spent years fighting for the enactment of legislation that would benefit volunteer firefighters. The legislation is called the Volunteer Emergency Services Recruitment and Retention Act (VESRRA) and seeks to clarify the tax treatment of Length of Service Award Programs (LOSAP). This legislation is more important than ever as volunteer forces continue to decline in number while at the same time the average age of volunteers is on the rise. LOSAPs are critical tools in a department's recruitment and retention efforts and the VESRRA act will ensure their continued availability as departments seek to reverse this trend. 

We are now thrilled to announce that VESRRA has some momentum. Recently the bill was introduced into the Senate and is called S. 1911 while the House version of the bill is H.R. 376. It is vitally important that volunteers and the citizens that rely on them write their representatives and urge them to get behind this legislation.

Thanks to the National Volunteer Fire Council you can alert your representatives in the House and Senate conveniently, and in just minutes, by using their Cap Wiz tool.

We thank you in advance for doing your part to help the volunteer services remain the active, efficient and cost-effective force they have been throughout our nation's history. Check back here often for news on the legislation and, as always, feel free to contact Penflex with any questions by phone or with our secure contact form.

Penflex - The LOSAP Experts for Two Decades:

Penflex specializes in administering length of service award programs (LOSAP) that are simple, pension-like plans used to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers. 

In addition, Penflex is one of few firms experienced in the consolidation of one or more departments and their accompanying LOSAP programs. Penflex can ensure a smooth transition with personalized advice and actuarial expertise to those volunteer departments that are merging one or more departments into a single house with one well maintained and properly funded LOSAP.

Penflex offers consulting, actuarial and administrative services. The firm, located in Latham, NY, currently provides these services for more than 400 nationwide LOSAP plans used by emergency services organizations.

Actuary Ed Holohan is the President and founder of Penflex, Inc., and an Associate of the American Society of Actuaries (ASA). Ed has authored numerous articles on LOSAP law and has been working with volunteer emergency service providers for more than 20 years and with government officials for three decades. Ed has assisted state and federal legislators in drafting legislation, rules and regulations affecting service award programs.

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